5 ways to make wedding planning more equal

Wedding planning can be stressful, and I really don’t think it’s fair that it often falls solely on one person to plan the whole thing. In fact, my friends and I’s partners often want to be involved. So here are the things that I did to take the pressure off and include Michael into more of the wedding planning.


  1. Create a Google Maps to map out what venues to view and when

Venue viewing can be a bit more complicated than you had planned, especially if you are unsure of where you might want to have it. I organise my life with Google Maps and we found that creating a custom Google Maps to plot out where all the venues we wanted to visit helped us book venue visits in the same vicinity on the same day.



  1. Create a joint email for receiving wedding guest RSVPs

It can be hard to track and remember who has RSVPed, and with families being more global these days, we found it made alot more sense to ask guests to RSVP via a joint email. We were both able to keep track and check who was coming, and the onus wasn’t all on my terrible memory (thank God!).


  1. Use Google Drive to host documents you will both need to edit on the go

There are quite alot of documents that rack up in a wedding, like contracts and a wedding budget. To both have access to these you can add them to a Google Drive, which will save you alot of back and forth. This was especially helpful to sneak in some wedding planning during spare moments I had or when I needed to collaborate on the go. It also makes it much easier to share documents with vendors when the time comes.


  1. Use Trello like a project manager

I use Trello every day at work, but it wasn’t until I started using it for wedding planning did stuff start to get done. It was much easier to then keep track of the To Do list, and you can easily share it with your partner so they can cross things off it too.



  1. Remove the pressure to remember everything and get a shared calendar

Remembering a calendar often falls to the woman in traditional relationships, but I have never been very good at this. It’s like my brain has a set amount of information it can remember at once and decides, just like in the ‘Inside Out’ Disney movie, that it doesn’t need to remember this. We thus discovered very early on in our relationship that the best thing we could do was to create a joint calendar. Now Michael can plan things without having to ask me -ever. So when he was booking the stag do or the Legal Ceremony, he could be confident what dates we were free.


  • We’ve tried alot of different calendars, and Time Tree works the best for us.



What did you do to share the burden with your partner when wedding planning? Do you have any tips and tricks to make wedding planning more equal? Leave them in the comments below!