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All opinions on ohthatkimberley.com are my own, and no amount of payment or free product will change that. Different products work differently for different people, so what may not work for me may indeed work for you. All reviews, whether good or bad, are only my opinions of how a product has worked for me. I consider myself very lucky for any business opportunities that come my way, but I do reserve the right to accept or decline any based on whether I feel the opportunity fits my audience and/or my prior feelings towards the product. This is my blog after all, and my audience are my friends. I wouldn’t want to recommend something I don’t like or advertise a service that they wouldn’t care about.


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Hosting a blog costs time and money but affiliate links are a great way for readers to contribute towards running a blog without paying a penny. You click on a link, I get a small percentage of the item you purchased (usually 10% or less) and voila! Simples! The commission comes from the retailer and is not additional to the total amount paid by you, the reader.


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